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Three Reasons you Should Get an Expert Opinion About Vein Treatment

With vein treatments advancing now more than ever, so consider getting two opinions before making a final and informed decision that works for you. We’ll walk you through some of the reasons here.

Venous disease is among the most common chronic conditions in the United States, but luckily, they’re easy to treat. However, because there are so many treatments available for vein-related issues, it’s critical to be educated and informed, so you’re pursuing the best option for your specific situation. Here are some reasons you should consult with at least two different doctors before treating your varicose veins

1. You want to make sure you diagnosis is confirmed

Thanks to advances in technology, patients with chronic venous insufficiency have more treatment options than ever before. However, like any disease or disorder, the best way to treat it will depend on your specific situation and how bad it is. You get educated and decide what fits your vein health and your overall lifestyle and well-being. It is essential to seek multiple opinions in order to make the best decision possible.

2. You want to have updated treatments using advanced technology of today.

As technology advances make sure you are getting the latest mot up to date care from your doctor. Many doctors continue to promote outdated treatments such as invasive surgery, vein stripping, laser therapy which have long been replaced by safer, less intrusive alternatives. Other doctors might recommend diuretics or “water pills” which serve to dehydrate you rather than treat the disease.  The key is for you to understand all the options from an expert and choose the one that is the most minimally invasive and disrupts your lifestyle the least while still being effective in treating your issue.

3. You want an expert who is an expert.

Not all healthcare providers are the same when it comes to skill level, experience and bedside manner. It’s important you meet your doctor that is an expert in the field and a correct fit for you.  First and foremost, learn about their education and training.  Have they trained for the specific procedure they are recommending?  Next, ask about how many such procedures they’ve done in the last few years and how many of these procedures do they do a year.   It’s essential that the provider is skilled and has experience with the particular procedure they are recommending.  Finally, when you meet your provider, make sure they educate you. Do you feel comfortable with your understanding of the procedure and the reason for why they are performing it.  Do they make you feel at ease?  Does they approach their work with kindness and competence?  Don’t underestimate how the bedside manner of the provider and their staff impacts your overall well-being.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ragu Murthy. Dr. Murthy is committed to the treatment and care of his patients, so he always strives to provide the most advanced alternatives for their venous disease. In addition to extensive experience and knowledge about the latest and most advanced non-invasive treatment options, he understands that everyone is unique and values your concerns and goals. He takes the time to create a specialized treatment plan to meet your needs.  Dr. Murthy will also help you understand the underlying cause of your discomfort, explain your treatment options, and then guide you through every step of your procedure and recovery. 

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