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Varicose veins
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If you are experiencing symptoms of varicose veins, so it’s time to find a trusted varicose vein doctor at our vein center in Jacksonville to help you in your journey toward a life with no pain and better mobility.

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What are varicose veins symptoms?

Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisted veins that commonly appear blue or dark purple. They typically occur in the legs and feet and are caused by malfunctioning valves within the veins. Veins have one-way valves that help blood flow upward toward the heart. When these valves weaken or become damaged, blood can flow backward and pool in the veins, leading to their enlargement and the formation of varicose veins.

  • Twisted, bulging veins that appear blue, dark purple, or red
  • Aching, discomfort, or heaviness in the legs
  • Swelling around the ankles and feet due to fluid buildup in the tissues
  • Itching or irritation around the affected veins
  • Leg cramps, particularly in the calves.
  • Changes in the skin near the affected veins, such as dryness, scaling, or discoloration
  • Restless legs

Permanent relief from varicose veins with sclerotherapy and radiofrequency ablations (RFA)

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure performed at our Jacksonville vein center and is used to treat smaller varicose veins and spider veins. During the procedure, a special solution is injected directly into the affected veins, causing them to collapse and eventually fade away. Sclerotherapy is typically performed in a doctor’s office and does not require anesthesia.

Radiofrequency ablation is another minimally invasive procedure performed at our Jacksonville vein center and is used to treat larger varicose veins. It uses radiofrequency energy to heat and seal the affected vein. RFA is also performed under local anesthesia and has a relatively quick recovery time.

Why it's important to identify and treat varicose veins early

If left untreated, varicose veins can lead to complications such as skin ulcers, blood clots, bleeding, and chronic venous insufficiency. Treating varicose veins in the early stages via minimally invasive procedures performed in Jacksonville by a trained vein specialist can help prevent these complications from developing or worsening over time. Additionally, varicose veins are often considered unsightly and can cause self-consciousness and embarrassment, particularly when they occur in visible areas such as the legs. Treating varicose veins can improve the appearance of the legs and boost self-esteem. As a premier vein center in Jacksonville, we accept Medicare and all major insurance and have payment plans.

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