A better way to care.

No matter what brings a person to us: a growing concern, discomfort, debilitating pain, or a serious illness, each looks to us for help.

For relief. Answers. And solutions. It’s a responsibility and vocation we take seriously — and a calling we honor fiercely.

Our roots in cardiology mean we think holistically.

About bodies, hearts, and minds. About families and communities. About health, and ultimately, the quality of our living.

And when we encounter the inefficiencies, apathy, and complexities inherent in our healthcare system, we understand that they run counter to helping people live healthier, well-rounded lives. They run counter to the care we are all capable of giving.

It’s our duty to change it.

So, we’re redefining and transforming every part of the process — from initial inquiry, appointments, and authorizations to personalized care, innovative, less intrusive procedures, and post-visit followups — with kindness, excellence, and human connection at the center.

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Meet Our Clinical Team

Because there’s a better
way to care — and it
begins with each of us.

Dr. Ragu Murthy

Cardiologist & Founder

Dr. Pankit Parikh

Minimally-Invasive Specialist

Priyanka Murthy, Esq.

Co-Founder & Chief of Brand and Marketing

Macey Gant, RN, CCRN

Lead Clinical Director

Debby Nelson, CMA

Assistant Practice Administrator and Lead Certified Medical Assistant

Laci Wolfe, RVT

RVT Ultrasound Technologist

Kalie Scarbrough, RVT

RVT Ultrasound Technologist

Megan Reardon

Medical Assistant

Kelli Geiger, RTR

Radiation Technologist

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