Five Symptoms of Vein Disease

Venous disease is more common than heart disease and peripheral artery disease combined. Often varicose veins or darkening of the skin are a symptom of a larger vein disease problem. According to the American Vein and Lymphatic Society, up to 40% of the population may suffer from some form of vein disease, and men are affected as often or as women. If you’re worried that your varicose veins are an indication of something more serious, here are a few signs to look out for.

1. You Feel Leg Pains and Aches

Vein Disease can cause severe discomfort and physical pain. Most commonly, this type of pain is felt in the legs. Our patients describe the feeling as extreme heaviness, limiting their mobility. Itching and a constant throbbing sensation are also possible symptoms.

2. Your Skin Looks and Feels Different

In advanced disease there maybe changes in the skin around the affected leg particularly around the middle portion of the ankle. The left side often is affected more than the right side and can be a tell tale sign of deep vein issues. Some people, for example, will develop leg ulcers as a result of vein problems. These types of ulcers could result from an injury to the affected area. Inside the vein, pressure builds up, causing damage to the small blood vessels surrounding it. When those vessels are damaged, the skin becomes weaker and more prone to cracking. As a result, the skin around an ulcer will often darken and maybe harden. Furthermore, the surrounding skin may become noticeably red and flaky.


3. You have large ropey varicose veins.

The most obvious symptom of the venous illness is the presence of visible veins, most commonly in the legs. The veins may be blue and are usually visible just beneath the skin’s surface. In some cases, the veins may protrude from the skin. Even though varicose veins are huge, spider veins, another obvious symptom of vein disease, are often small and fragile. Spider veins appear to be small webs under the skin’s surface. These typically appear on the legs or, in some circumstances, the face and come in various colors, including blue, red, and purple. Unsightly veins can give the legs an unattractive appearance, causing many people to avoid wearing shorts, skirts, or bathing suits. This has a negative impact on your overall health because you are unable to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, particularly during the warm months of spring, summer, and fall.

4. Your Legs Feel Restless

A feeling of restlessness in the legs is another potential indication of vein disease. People  typically experience this when they’re trying to fall asleep. Understandably, this symptom can be pretty frustrating since it impacts your ability to fall asleep, and sleep impacts every facet of your life.

5. You get repeated bouts of cellulitis.

Cellulitis is inflammation of the skin. This inflammation can occur due to infection but often can occur also do to advanced stage vein disease. Patients get repeatedly sent to the emergency room with treatments with antibiotics while never having the underlying reason addressed. Often this reason is venous disease or venous obstruction.


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